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How to Get the Best Temporary Staffing Results

With many industries facing downturns, the importance of staffing agencies and the contingent workforce has been on an upswing. But like so many other tools, a staffing agency is only valuable if you know how to utilize it correctly. To ensure you get the best result from your temporary staffing agency, follow these five best practices. 1. Be Descriptive Temporary positions need job descriptions too! Those descriptions should be well-defined, prioritized, current and submitted, in writing, to yo...

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Personnel Response Team 6/15/2015 Comments(0)

Best Reasons to Work Through a Temporary Staffing Agency

A temporary staffing agency would be nothing without skilled and determined workers, but what incentives do you have for working in a temporary job? Beyond the benefits provided to our employees, which include health insurance and more, there are additional benefits to working a temporary job that you may not always think about. Here are some of the best reasons to work a temporary job: Gain Hands-on Experience Employees who are starting in a new field or who are looking to get experience in ano...

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The Benefits of Hiring a Temporary Staffing Agency

Temporary staffing agencies perform recruitment and selection processes for companies or organizations that may not have the time, expertise or resources available to manage the employment processes. Business fluctuations often lead to gaps in staffing in many different industries including construction , events , hospitality , energy or industrial . The best way to fill these employment gaps is to work with a temporary staffing agency to provide your company with skilled, temporary workers for ...

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Staffing Industry Trends for 2011

Good Article on Staffing Trends for 2011. I am particularly interested in #3 - which details the use of technology to promote growth. The author refers to the owner of a large labor supplier who considers technology to be a key for growth in 2011 and beyond. I believe that the Staffing Industry has been extremely static from a tech standpoint. The opportunities are endless. Stay tuned as PRT attempts to lead this charge in t...

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Andrew Mongelluzzi 3/7/2011 Comments(0)

The Changing Landscape of the Staffing Market

This economy sure did a number on the landscape of what I like to call the, "hard work" staffing market. Whether it's manufacturing, industrial, event staffing, hospitality, skilled trades or construction..... it's hard work! A lot of well-known companies are having trouble with financing and this leads to a lot of companies that are forced to "cut corners". We are running into a lot of competitor's, piggy-backing" on insurance which leaves the customers wide open for potential "deep pocket" lia...

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Andrew Mongelluzzi 2/16/2011 Comments(0)