Best Reasons to Work Through a Temporary Staffing Agency

Monday, June 1, 2015
A temporary staffing agency would be nothing without skilled and determined workers, but what incentives do you have for working in a temporary job? Beyond the benefits provided to our employees, which include health insurance and more, there are additional benefits to working a temporary job that you may not always think about. 

Here are some of the best reasons to work a temporary job:

Gain Hands-on Experience

Employees who are starting in a new field or who are looking to get experience in another area of their field may use a temporary position in order to gain experience needed to secure a full-time job. As a temporary employee, you will learn skills and be trained in that position. You can then add those things onto your resume and provide that skill set to your future employer, making you an even more valuable asset.

Build a Network

From executives to co-workers, a temporary job opens many doors for future connections in the workplace. Whether it is with professionals in your industry or a different one, building your network can help your career in many ways.

A temporary job also allows you to build rapport within the company you’re working for.  Executives like to hire people they trust for top positions. By working a temporary job, you can build that trust and when positions open up, those executives will already know you’re right for the job. 

Temporary Can Become Permanent 

While a job may start out as only a temporary position, many companies decide to keep temporary employees on board after the time is over. This is determined by the need of the company and if the employee is a good fit.

Make Money

Temporary employment is a great way to earn an income when between full-time employment opportunities. A temporary position can be a great way to start a full-time job search, start a new career path, or gain experience for better full-time positions.


The Personnel Response Team (PRT) is a group of seasoned staffing professionals possessing unmatched experience in the staffing industry. Our core expertise is helping clients fill gaps in staffing that occur due to business fluctuations. We strive to provide qualified skilled and temporary workers for both short and long-term projects. We, at PRT, came together to create a faster, more flexible staffing solution in order to meet the changing needs in a static industry. With 75 years of varied problem solving skills along with advanced networks and resources, partnering with PRT translates into a brand new value experience.

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Personnel Response Team 6/1/2015

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