The Benefits of Hiring a Temporary Staffing Agency

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

staffing agencyTemporary staffing agencies perform recruitment and selection processes for companies or organizations that may not have the time, expertise or resources available to manage the employment processes. Business fluctuations often lead to gaps in staffing in many different industries including construction, events, hospitality, energy or industrial. The best way to fill these employment gaps is to work with a temporary staffing agency to provide your company with skilled, temporary workers for either short or long-term projects when needed.

There are many advantages for employers who use temporary staffing agencies. Here are some of the biggest benefits:

Lower Cost

There are a few ways that hiring a temporary staffing company can save you money. Because a staffing agency manages the entire employment process, you don’t have to worry about the additional costs of pre-employment testing, background checks and drug screenings. In addition, employers save money on the expenses of payroll processing and benefits administration.

Smaller employers know they can rely on a temporary staffing agency to provide them with reliable, skilled workers with remarkable savings. 

Higher Expertise

Staffing agencies often have a level of expertise that is beyond that of some employers’ human resource departments. Temporary staffing agencies provide services that compete against the best-qualified recruiters and employment specialists, usually at a lower cost. Because of the continuous placement of employees, staffing agencies have higher knowledge of employment trends, job knowledge, and the recruitment process.

Larger Network

Temporary staffing agencies have a larger network of employees than most employers have access to. For example, when an employer wants to hire seasonal employees they have to advertise job openings, interview candidates and process new hire documentation for a relatively short period of employment. Meanwhile, a staffing agency already has relationships with possible qualified workers who could fill the vacancy within a matter of days or even hours.

Employee Retention

Employers that hire through a temporary staffing agency have the opportunity to observe the employee’s work ethic, performance, and qualifications before offering the temporary worker a permanent job. This can cut down on turnover once the trial period is complete.  Using temporary staffing agencies for high-volume placements can result in incredible savings related to turnover, training costs and the intangible costs of turnover, such as employee morale.

The Personnel Response Team (PRT) is a group of seasoned staffing professionals possessing unmatched experience in the staffing industry. Our core expertise is helping clients fill gaps in staffing that occur due to business fluctuations. We strive to provide qualified skilled and temporary workers for both short and long-term projects. We at PRT came together to create a faster, more flexible staffing solution in order to meet the changing needs in a static industry. With 75 years of varied problem solving skills along with advanced networks and resources, partnering with PRT translates into a brand new value experience.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with all of your temporary staffing needs!

Personnel Response Team 5/6/2015

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