The Changing Landscape of the Staffing Market

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
This economy sure did a number on the landscape of what I like to call the, "hard work" staffing market. Whether it's manufacturing, industrial, event staffing, hospitality, skilled trades or construction..... it's hard work!  A lot of well-known companies are having trouble with financing and this leads to a lot of companies that are forced to "cut corners". We are running into a lot of competitor's, piggy-backing" on insurance which leaves the customers wide open for potential "deep pocket" liability. There's a lot of corporate maneuvering in an effort to increase sales and credit lines without taking on any liabilities. The banking industry is more fearful of companies that are large and potentially over-leveraged than they are with a new company with solid experience and financials. Customers in the staffing industry are encouraged more than ever to have a legal review of their insurance certificates to insure that there's no "piggy-backing". Additionally, it is more important than ever to seek a bank reference before engaging your staffing solution.
Andrew Mongelluzzi 2/16/2011

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