Working for Personnel Response Team

Positions for General Labor - Mesa and Phoenix, AZ

General labor is needed for two job sites, GNM in Mesa and Colmenero's in Phoenix.  GNM is for General Labor paying $10 per hour - they will be helping the carpenters, picking up trash or what ever needs to be done.
Colmenero's is also General Labor paying $9 per hr. - they repair pallets
Both positions require to speak English and Spanish.
If interested in either positions, please contact or call 602-616-6773.

Items in bold indicate required information.

Hours Available?
If you have received any type of formal training in the trades please describe here, including the number of years of experience.
Have you ever been convicted, plead guilty or no contest to, received a deferred adjudication, suspended sentence or accepted any other court related sentencing program for a crime?
Are you 21 years of age or older?