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Direct Hire Services

Looking for your next skilled team member?

We offer direct hire services and will present you with candidates based on your hiring requirements. Our services both reduce your hiring timeline and hiring costs while delivering the best results.

Our specialized Team of Recruiters will build a pool of candidates with skill sets to match your needs. We will recruit, source, screen and submit qualified candidates for your team to make the final decision.

We guarantee a successful fit for both your company and the candidate while streamlining & simplifying your hiring process.


PRT_WebGraphic1Benefits of using PRT Staffing for your direct hire placements:

  • Wider pool of candidates and hiring expertise:  PRT staffing will access a wider pool of candidates and present the best options to match your needs. Our Team exhibits expertise in the hiring process in a variety of job positions. We source, recruit and screen effectively to deliver only the most qualified candidates to interview with you.
  • Peace of mind: PRT gives you peace of mind knowing that they are working to find the best fit for your opportunity. This can free up your time and attention so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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