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Disaster Recovery and Cleanup Services

Our field management team of Disaster Recovery and Restoration Specialists prides itself on the unique timing and logistical challenges presented by some of the world's largest natural disasters. The team at Personnel Response Team (PRT) understands the unique value associated with uniform appearance and organized check-in and check-out procedures that are crucial to operating an emergent high volume disaster recovery operation.

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The operators at PRT have successfully recruited, transported, screened and delivered local and outlying workers to service brand name hurricanes, fires and floods at remote locations throughout the United States. Most temporary staffing agencies or groups are unfamiliar with the demands that have to be met on a daily basis in these emergent situations. Please contact PRT and ask about our Disaster Response Team and our Emergent Recovery Preparedness Initiatives.

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Our risk management & safety compliance team works with clients to create a tailored safety program. As a company, we are committed to OSHA compliance and many of our PRT reps are OSHA certified. Awarded the risk control merit in 2019, the safety of our workforce is our first priority. 

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