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How to Hire Great Talent

Not hiring the right individuals for the job can be costly for employers. The wrong individuals may not be skilled or educated to do the job they were hired to do, which requires a lot of on-the-job training. Not having the right talent also results in higher turnover rates. Employees coming and going can cost a company, as they constantly have to interview, go through the hiring process, and train new employees.

If you are an employer, you may be wondering how working with a staffing agency can help you to hire great talent. Read on to learn more about how a staffing agency can help you hire the right talent for your open positions.

Finding Employees to Fill Your Positions

One of the first ways that a staffing agency can help you to hire great talent is by finding employees to fill the open positions you have. Most staffing agencies have a list of individuals who are looking for employment at any given time. They may get this list in a variety of ways, including individuals who reach out to them or through the help of headhunters.

Regardless, this ensures there is a list of potential employees at any given moment. This makes it faster and easier to find people compared to you posting a help-wanted ad online and having to weed through hundreds of resumes and applications.  

Vetting Employee's Skills and Education

Another way that a staffing agency can help you to hire great talent is by taking the time to vet an employee's skills and educational background. Unfortunately, people lie on applications. They may say they have skills that they do not have.

A staffing agency will take the time to verify the individual's educational background, talk to past employers about the employee's job responsibilities, and put them through a testing process. This is the best way to ensure a potential employee has the skills that are needed to get a specific job done.

Ultimately, this helps to ensure that a candidate has the necessary skills and background to complete the job that you need completed.   

Matching Employees With the Right Employers

The last way that a staffing agency can help you to hire great talent is by matching the right employees with the right employers. Not every employee is suited for every employer, and not every employer is suited for every employee.

A staffing agency can listen to the wants and needs of both the employee and the employer, and help match like-minded individuals with companies. This helps to reduce the turnover rate and helps to increase employee satisfaction with the company that they get hired by. This is a great way to minimize turnover and the high costs associated with employee turnover. 

Here at PRT Staffing, we can help you hire great talent in the construction, manufacturing, industrial and energy, disaster recovery and hospitality and events sectors. If you are struggling to find the right talent for your team, or you want to ensure you are hiring the best candidate for the job, we can help. Reach out to our team today to learn more or to get started.