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It's Hurricane Season - Is Your Business Ready?

Hurricane season typically lasts from the beginning of June through the end of November. If you have a business and live in an area where hurricanes can hit, one of the best things that you can do for your business is to have a plan in place in case a hurricane hits.

Hurricanes can cause a lot of destruction, and as such, you want to partner with a company that has a disaster response team and emergent recovery preparedness initiatives in place in case a hurricane comes through.

What Types of Damage Can Be Caused By Hurricanes?

A hurricane can cause a lot of damage. This includes heavy rains, which can cause flooding and strong wind gusts, which can knock out power lines or blow through your windows. These events can cause damage to utilities, damage to a parking lot, or damage your store or building directly.

The aftermath of a hurricane can cause a lot of clean-up that needs to happen before your business can re-open. This may include getting utilities restored, cleaning up flood waters, as well as dirt or mud left behind. You may even need to remove broken glass or install new windows around your building. 

Why Should You Act Quickly to Clean Up After a Hurricane? 

Following a hurricane, it is important to get your business cleaned up quickly for a few different reasons. Water damage is quite common after a hurricane, and unfortunately, if water is left to sit, it can lead to mold growth. Water needs to be removed and the space needs to be dried out quickly to prevent mildew and mold growth.

Quick clean up after a hurricane is also important for businesses because you may be losing out on money each and every day that your business is not operating. Getting your business cleaned up and functional again helps you get back to business and helps you make money to keep your business afloat.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Team to Help With Hurricane Clean-Up? 

While there are some steps that you can take to help clean your business up after a hurricane, a lot of the work should be left to professionals who know what they are doing and have the equipment to properly dry, clean and sanitize your business. Professionals have lengthy checklists of everything that should be accomplished to help get your business open again after a hurricane. This helps to ensure that your business is safe and ready to be opened, without putting your health or your employee's health at risk. 

At PRT Staffing, we have a team of already recruited and screened local and outlying workers who are ready to help with events such as hurricanes, fires and floods throughout the United States. Our temporary employees are familiar with the demands that need to be met in these emergency situations; and are ready to act quickly to help your business re-open safely after an unexpected event, such as a hurricane. Contact PRT Staffing today and ask for more information about our disaster response team to ensure your business is ready in case of a disaster.