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Tips for Finding a Summer Job

When you’re looking for a summer job, there are specific criteria to look for. First, since it’s only for the summer months, you want to find something that pays competitive wages. Second, you want to also be able to enjoy the summer, so the hours can’t be excruciatingly long. Third, you might want to find a summer job that will look good on your resume and help build your future career. Here are some tips for finding a summer job and ideas of jobs that might fit the bill.

Work With a Staffing Firm

The most valuable tip for finding a summer job is to work with a staffing firm. When you approach your summer job hunt this way, you only have to fill out one application to be considered for multiple positions. This is a huge timesaver. Plus, you’ll be matched with jobs that meet your criteria as well as your


 prospective employer’s. Finally, you only have to have one interview, with the staffing firm. Interviewing with a staffing firm is much more relaxed, and you will have a chance to really shine.  If you shy away from long interview processes, working with a staffing firm is the way to go.

Dress the Part

Even though it’s summer, don’t be tempted to dress too casually for job interviews. Leave the bathing trunks and sandals at home. You need to dress as though you already have the job. If it’s a landscaping job—which by the way, typically pay very well—you can wear jeans. Otherwise, consider the dress code business casual.

Great Summer Jobs For 2022

Now onto the list of jobs that could meet all your summer job criteria:


This is such a fun job for anyone who likes to chit chat with people from a wide range of backgrounds. It really doesn’t matter where you bartend—the world will come to your door, or bar, as the case may be. Bartenders make great tips. Even thought the hourly wage may be ho hum, the tips more than make up for that. To be a bartender, just brush up on the most popular drinks, learn how to mix and pour and above all, show your winning personality.

Camp Counselor

Camp counselor jobs are best for people who really love kids. Because as a camp counselor, you’ll be dealing with kids who may not be the best version of themselves for those two weeks. They might miss home, feel sick all the time or just be a little too happy about not having parental supervision. At any rate, this is a job for those who are looking to get into childhood development or teaching. It’s definitely a job that will bring out your strengths and make you realize what parenting is all about.

Tour Guide

If you have lived in your hometown all your life, you may be itching to leave after school. In the meantime, use your intimate knowledge of Hometown, USA to make a few bucks as a tour guide. In addition to official “history,” you might be able to throw in some interesting anecdotes about the area that others wouldn’t be able to. Plus, you’ll meet lots of new people and get a lot of nice tips for a job well done.

The main thing to remember as you look for a summer job is to have fun. This won’t be your forever job, but if you choose wisely, the experience could benefit you forever.