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Top Skills Needed for This Year's Resume

In today's rapidly changing job market, having a well-rounded skillset is more important than ever. A strong resume showcases not only technical proficiency but also the ability to effectively communicate, collaborate and problem-solve.

As the job market evolves, it's essential to stay current with the top skills that employers are looking for. This year's top skills include a combination of both hard and soft skills such as digital literacy, adaptability, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence.

By highlighting these skills and demonstrating how they have been put into practice, you can give yourself a competitive edge and show potential employers that you are the right fit for the job.


Adaptability is a highly desirable soft skill that employers look for in a candidate because it shows an ability to be flexible and thrive in changing circumstances. Employers want to hire individuals who can handle unexpected challenges and shifts in the work environment and still deliver results.

By highlighting your adaptability skills in your resume, you demonstrate your ability to be flexible and adjust your approach as needed.


This year, employers are seeking job candidates with creativity. Creativity shows a unique perspective and the ability to generate innovative solutions.

In a fast-paced and competitive job market, creativity sets you apart from other candidates and showcases your ability to think outside the box. Employers seek individuals who can bring fresh ideas to the table and drive progress in their industry.


Collaboration skills are important in today's workplace as many tasks and projects require the input and expertise of multiple individuals. A candidate who knows how to collaborate well can effectively communicate, listen and work with others to find solutions and drive progress.

By highlighting your collaboration skills in your resume, you show potential employers that you are a team player who is not only dedicated to your own success but also to the success of the company as a whole.


Problem-solving skills are desirable soft skills that employers look for now because they demonstrate the ability to think critically and find solutions to complex challenges. Employers want employees who can analyze situations, identify root causes, and develop effective solutions that drive progress and success.

Problem-solving on your resume shows that you’re a critical thinker who doesn’t shrink in the face of challenges and can find solutions to complex problems.

Information Technology

Employers are increasingly looking for employees who have IT skills because technology is playing an increasingly critical role in many industries. In today's digital age, a basic understanding of technology and its applications is essential for success.

Employers are seeking individuals who can use technology to streamline processes, improve productivity, and drive progress. By highlighting your IT skills in your resume, you demonstrate your ability to effectively use technology to achieve business objectives and improve efficiency.

This skill shows potential employers that you have the potential to bring value to their company by leveraging technology in innovative and impactful ways.

Data Analytics

The ability to analyze and make sense of data is becoming increasingly critical in many industries. With the growth of big data, data analytics skills are in high demand as they allow businesses to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.

If you know how to curate, process, and analyze large amounts of data to identify trends, develop predictions and drive progress, employers will be clamoring to hire you.

When you list your data analytics skills in your resume, you demonstrate your ability to effectively use data to drive business outcomes and make data-driven decisions.

As a job seeker in 2023, you will need to compete with lots of other job candidates. Beef up your resume with these top skills needed for this year's resume. When you're ready to get to work, contact PRT Staffing for employment opportunities.