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Multiethnic group of happy business people working together in office

What are Soft Skills and How Are They Used in the Workplace?

In an era where technological advancements are rapidly reshaping the professional landscape, the value of soft skills in the workplace has become more pronounced than ever.

Often considered the secret to professional success, soft skills go beyond technical expertise, playing a pivotal role in shaping effective collaboration, communication, and overall workplace dynamics.

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PRT Staffing You Landed the Dream Interview Now Ask the Right Questions Two Females at Interview

You Landed the Dream Interview: Now Ask the Right Questions!

All too often job applicants put so much time and effort into landing their dream interview that they forget to prepare for it properly by arming themselves with the right questions to ask.

Heading into your interview with an arsenal of well-thought-out questions is not only key for getting the job offer but can help you decide if you want to work for the company that is hiring.

“You probably already know that an interview isn’t just a chance for the hiring manager to grill you with interview questions – it’s your opportunity to sniff out whether a job is the right fit for you,” says The Muse.

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