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Unraveling Blue-Collar Temporary Worker Myths

Blue-collar temporary workers are among the most misunderstood laborers in the job market today. These misconceptions can prevent workers from getting positions they are qualified for and can stop companies from getting the great employees they need to maximize profits. Busting these misconceptions can help both blue-collar workers and employers get the job done.

Myths about Blue-Collar Temp Workers

Myth: There aren’t many temporary workers in the United States.

Fact: There are 3.1 million temporary workers in the nation today, and that number has grown by more than 0.9 percent each year between 2018 and 2023. In fact, the number of temporary workers has grown faster than the general population.

Myth: Blue-collar temp work is only for unskilled workers.

Fact: Much of the increase in temporary workers is among trained professionals rather than traditional unskilled laborers.

Myth: Blue-collar temporary work doesn’t benefit the workforce or the worker.

Most temporary workers have highly specialized skills that bring extra value to almost every workforce. The diversity of tasks on most temporary jobs also adds desirable skills to a worker’s resume.

Myth: Blue-collar workers only take on temporary jobs because they can’t find permanent positions.

Fact: Blue-collar workers often take on short-term work by choice. For many workers, temporary work provides a number of benefits, such as:

  • Flexible schedule
  • More opportunities to network and meet others in the trades
  • Learning new skills, gaining experience
  • Freedom to move on different projects

Myth: Temporary workers are not interested in permanent positions.

Fact: Some blue-collar workers are looking for “temp-to-hire” positions, which means that a company signs a temporary worker on for a set amount of time and then has the option to hire the worker once that time is over. Other blue-collar workers take on temporary work to determine if they like working for a company.

Myth: Employers cannot find top talent when they hire temporary blue-collar workers.

Fact: Hiring temporary workers is a great way to “test fit” potential employees. Resumes and interviews don’t always provide the full picture of an applicant’s skills, work ethic, and attitude, which leaves employers at risk of a bad hire.

Myth: Employing a blue-collar temporary worker costs more than paying a permanent employee.

Fact: Attracting permanent employees can be expensive, especially in a market that favors workers who want insurance packages, premium pay, and other perks. Many employers do not provide benefits to temporary workers, which helps boost the company’s bottom line.

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