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Worker Safety

Workplace Safety

Tips for Creating a Safe Workplace

Business leaders have a responsibility to maintain a safe work environment for their employees, while also providing high service levels for their clients. Achieving both of these goals at the same time is particularly challenging in manufacturing, where hazards are an inherent part of business operations.

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PRT Staffing Heat Safety Tips for Outside Workers Guy with Nausea

Heat Safety Tips for Outside Workers in Record-Setting Temperatures

Portland’s climate is rarely mistaken for South Florida or Death Valley, but the Northwest city known more for its gloom and drizzle hit temperatures over the weekend that would rival those found on any Miami Beach or Joshua Tree outing.

More than half of Portland’s residents do not have air conditioning because the average June high temperature is 74 degrees, but the mercury soared to 116 degrees on June 28 on the heels of 112 and 108 the previous two days.

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