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Make the Most of Summer: Finding the Best Summer Jobs

Summer is the ideal time to find a job. Whether you're seeking to supplement the income from your full-time job, you're a college student on break or you are just getting started in your career, a summer job offers benefits including work experience and additional money.

Finding the Best Summer Job

Summer is when a number of industries are booming. They offer the opportunity for savvy job seekers to enhance their resumes while bringing in some extra income. Below are just a few possibilities:

1. Construction Worker

Due to warmer and more consistent weather, the summer is typically when construction projects ramp up. Depending on the specific company, construction workers may repair or construct commercial buildings, homes, or roads.

The duties of a construction worker vary. For example, you might remove debris, operate heavy equipment, or load and unload materials.

2. Bartender

For many people, summer involves spending more time having fun outside of the home. This could mean going to bars, restaurants, or clubs. These establishments often need bartenders.

Responsible for making both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, bartenders need to be efficient and accurate. Being a people person and engaging with customers is also part of the job description.

3. Event Planner

From weddings and graduations to reunions and pool parties, an event planner is an in-demand job during the summer months. While many events have specific themes that event planners must take into consideration, the general duties of the job seldom vary.

An event planner typically coordinates lodging, transportation, entertainment, and catering while tailoring these services to the specific needs of each client. As an event unfolds, it's the event planner's job to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

4. Restaurant Staff

With the kids out of school, many families choose to plan vacations during the summer. This means that restaurants have an increased need for employees like dishwashers and wait staff. Regardless of your experience level or interests, you'll find a place within the restaurant industry.

5. Ticket-Taker

Many events are ticket-based, so businesses need precise and personable ticket-takers. These individuals must have the ability to quickly process attendees while ensuring accuracy. As an added bonus, many ticket-takers are able to enjoy events in some capacity while they work.

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