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Drug Testing

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The Pros and Cons of Workplace Drug Testing

Companies considering workplace drug testing programs should weigh the risks and rewards of implementing or not implementing testing.

“Employers must provide a safe work environment, and they want to ensure their employees are productive, but is maintaining a drug-testing program in furtherance of these goals worth the hassle?” Lisa Nagele-Piazza asks in a SHRM article. “The answer may depend on the workplace.”

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Understanding Workplace Drug Testing Regulations in Florida

Florida, like many states, has a drug-free workplace program that regulates and encourages companies to do drug testing. According to, “Florida employers who establish such a program can qualify for a discount on their workers' compensation insurance premiums. 

However, employers must follow the state's rules to get their discount. Florida employers must test in certain circumstances and must observe certain procedures intended to protect employee and applicant rights.”

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