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The Great Retirement or Great Regret? Stop Worrying and Work Again

The recent pandemic had a massive effect on society, and not just from a health perspective. Thousands of people working remote re-evaluated their career, what they were doing, and where they wanted to be in life. That in turn triggered what has become known in the early 2020s as the Great Retirement, a wave of separations across many industries where people triggered their retirement or decided to leave early for a different path.

We've Been Here Before

However, the Great Retirement isn’t such a novel situation. A similar situation happened in the late 1980s as well as in the mid-2000s. The economy was roaring, people were doing well financially, and dramatic social shifts had people thinking about alternatives.

However, the last two cycles were also followed by an economic recession which, if nothing else, eroded retirement savings accounts dramatically and pushed up the cost of living. This turned into regret with many coming back to work again as a result. 2022 may not be very different, sizing up to a similar scenario.

Look at Work From a Different Angle

While the Great Retirement may very well turn into the Great Regret, that doesn’t mean those returning to the workforce have no viable options. The fact is, the numerous vacancies and losses have collectively produced a big brain drain. Experience and depth of technical knowledge has become essential, and anyone who can hit the ground running with both is in high demand.

Eventually, many of these gaps will be filled as new, greenhorn recruits learn the ropes and grow into their roles, but companies can’t wait years to get things done. This is where skilled technical temporary workers have become a critical labor resource right now.

The beauty of the temporary worker role is that one can leverage their current skillset and experience to move right into a needed position right away. Unlike the traditional hiring process, temporary workers are vetted and tested for specific skillsets quickly so they can be allocated and assigned to projects immediately.

This allows formerly retired workers the ability to shift back into the workplace effortlessly, being recognized for their depth and knowledge versus having to fully compete from scratch all over again. Furthermore, folks can easily work in different fields than what they did before retiring, allowing for diversity of work and experience as well as further growth.

Many retirees are finding that the change works well for their situation, providing new challenges and work dynamics as well as providing earning income to manage economic changes.

Make the Great Retirement the Great Adventure

For those who are adventurous and not limited to just one particular location, options are even greater. Many temporary workers who can relocate are finding significantly rewarding opportunities in 2022, being flexible enough to move where the work is needed. It provides both a change of locale as well as lucrative income opportunities for those who can take on further-away assignments.

So, while the Great Retirement for some might have been a leap a bit too early, that doesn’t mean it needs to be a permanent mistake. With temporary work, many who have shifted their life goals and career paths can do so again and quite easily.

Employers need staff who can apply themselves in technical areas quickly with minimal training. The demand is high, so there are plenty of choices for those who need to step back into employment after transitioning out during 2020 or 2021.